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Hair Services


*All prices subject to change depending on the amount of product used and time spent on appointment due to thickness and length of hair.

Dimensional Color:


$100 & UP

Hilights or lowlights that are created using foil to make a chunky or blended look (120 minutes)

Partial Hilights with Root Color 

$135 & UP 

Custom hilights around the face and part line with a color retouch (120-150 minutes)

Full Hilights with Root Color 

$165 & UP 

Hilights throughout the whole head with a color retouch (120-180 minutes) 


$150 & UP

From sun kissed lived in hair to seamless gradient of color from dark to light (150-180 minutes) 


Color Retouch 

$75 & UP 

Color (grey coverage or permanent) that is customize to each guest for 1/2 inch of regrowth (90 minutes) 

All Over Color 

$100 & UP

Color that is customized to each guest from roots to ends (90-120 minutes)

Vivid Colors 

$100 an Hour 

Consultation required 

Color Correction 

$100 an Hour 

Consultation required 



Haircut and Style 

$50 & UP

Revitalizing scalp massage followed with a custom haircut and blowout to finish your look. (45 minutes)

Shampoo and Style 

$30 & UP 

Revitalizing scalp massage followed with a round brush blowout (30-45 minutes)

Olaplex Treatment  

$35 & UP 

Olaplex goes deeper than a conditioner treatment by reconstructing bonds that get broken from heat, chemicals and mechanical use. (30-60 minutes)


Keratin Treatment 

$200 & Up

Defrizz and add incredible shine and smoothness while cutting your blow dry time in half (120-180 minutes)

Straightening Treatment 

$200 & UP

Permanently straightening the hair (120-180 minutes)



$100 & UP

Giving body or creating curls to the hair (120 minutes) 




Consultation Required

Beautiful high quality natural hair wefts are "taped-in" to the hair to make hair longer and/or thicker. 



Consultation Required

Beautiful high quality natural hair wefts are "clipped- in" to the hair to make hair longer and/or thicker. 


Formal Style 

$75 & UP

Specialized style for a formal event, such as proms and weddings (45-60 minutes)


Bridal Style

$85 & UP

Specialized style for the bride and bridesmaids (60 minutes) 

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